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Learn how to become a video game content creator with our ‘Essentials’ Course!

Do you want to make money through video game content? Maybe you want get free games and hardware. Interested in forming communities? No matter what your goal is the Gamer Guidebook Essentials Course will help you achieve it. Based of years of industry experience the course equips you with the cutting edge tools you need to make it in the industry.

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Game Guidebook is your ultimate resource for video game content creators. The Gamer Guidebook team have years of experience working in the video game industry and have put together cutting edge courses and masterclasses that will give you the tools you will need to start achieving your goals.

Learn how to…

Make $$$ Through Video Games

Start your career in video game content creation and learn how to make money through sponsorships, tips, & affiliate marketing.

Get Free Games & Gear To Review

Never pay for games or hardware again by discovering how ‘influencer’ reviews work.

Connect With Industry Experts

Use our HUGE database to start connecting with people within the industry.

Create Professional Content

Make amazing video content that wows audiences and forms tight communities.


Want to try out the content before you jump into a course? Deal! Enroll in the free course below to get our ‘5 simple ways to grow your channel’ lesson.

Take your channel to the next level with our ’Master Classes

Want to learn the super secret insider industry tips? Then the Game Guidebook Masterclasses are perfect for you. Covering  everything from advanced live streaming integrations to the perfect outreach email template the skills you learn from the Master classes with give you a competitive edge over other creators.

You can buy our Masterclasses as Masterclass Packs, or as a complete Masterclass Bundle, or even packaged together with the Essentials Course as the Ultimate Bundle! The choice is yours.

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  • Purchase individually or in bulk
  • Get the jump on your compertition
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Industry ‘insider’ advice
  • Purchase individual masterclass packs, as a bundle, or as part of a full course

Current students think…

The course material was amazing. It helped teach me the importance of refining my brand to raise the professionalism of my content. Now I’ve got a sponsorship deal! Thanks heaps guys! 👏

Jacob L

OMG loved the course!!! 🤖🤖🤖 The videos on monetization really helped clear things up for me. Before taking this course I had no idea where to start, or what method of making money online was the best. Highly recommend Gamer Guidebook and the Ultimate Bundle course!!!

Sally W

Best video game content creation course online! The videos were super high quality and professionally delivered. Loved each video, and would recommend paying a few extra bucks for the Master classes, they were rad!

William B

Super fun and informative! Loved the course, LOVE the contact database . I love everything Gamer Guidebook 💖💖!

Kate H

Discover why Gamer Guidebook is the #1 Training platform for video game content creators

The hottest tips and tricks + fun dynamic videos + learn at your own pace = Gamer Guidebook


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Pokemon released back into the wild

Get access to thousands of publishers, studios and PR agencies contact information now!

Fast-track your video game career years and get access to thousands of industry contacts now! The Gamer Guidebook Video Game Industry Database is the result of years of research and industry networking, all available to you now. Carefully curated and regularly updated, the database will get you the contact information you need to start requesting game codes, hardware products to review, setting up sponsorships and much, much more.


Learn how to grow your video game channel with this free video!